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  • Get all essential products offers by Black Mamba in this combo pack at just Rs 1499/-
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Availability: 10 in stock


Availability: 10 in stock

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What you will get in this combo?



Black Mamba Basic Coal Holder 1
Black Mamba Basic HMD 1
Black Mamba Basic Khalil Chillum 1
Black Mamba Basic og Clay Chillum 1
Black Mamba Basic Retro Phunnel 1
Black Mamba Foil 50pcs (40 microns) 1
Black Mamba Herbal Brain Freezer 50g 1
Black Mamba Herbal Commissioner 50g 1
Black Mamba Herbal King Cigar 50g 1
Black Mamba Herbal Cute Angel 50g 1
Black Mamba Herbal Love 69 50g 1
Black Mamba Coconut Coal 250g 4


Main Highlights :-

  1. Basic Coal Heater – One of the amazing accessories in this combo is Black Mamba Charcoal Heater with Ash Filter. Now clear dust easily and quickly.
  2. Basic HMD (Heat Management Device ) – Another useful accessory in this combo is metallic heat management device. Now put this basic HMD on any bowl and chillum.
  3. Black Mamba Foil 50pcs (40 Microns) – If you are not comfortable with HMD then don’t worry in this combo you will get 50pcs foil as well of 40 Microns.
  4. 3 Clay Bowls – Another key thing to grab this combo is it comes with 3 different types of clay chillums (Khalil Bowl, og Clay chillum and Retro phunnel).
    You can use any chillum from og clay and Khalil and if you feel bored from 5 holes then you can use single hole Retro phunnel as well.
  5. 5 Herbal Flavors :  Another mind blowing product in this combo is pack of 5 herbal flavors by Black Mamba.
    Till now you get 3 chillums, 1 HMD, 1 packet foil, 5 herbal flavors and wait wait wait guys what about charcoal?
  6. Coconut Coal : So you will get 4 box of 250g coconut coal as well in this deal. Now you will get all required products in this one combo.


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