Bliss Kiwi and Mint Hookah Flavor – 50g

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  • 100% Original flavor
  • Flavored tobacco shisha molasses
  • Gives you the combined taste of Kiwi with a kick of mint
  • Honey used to manufacture this product
  • Contains 0.5% nicotine and 0% tar
  • Not for edible use
  • Can only be used in hookah for smoking purposes
  • Wholesale prices guaranteed
  • For adults only
  • Safe and fast delivery all over India
  • Ingredients: Tobacco + Molasses + Glycerine + Natural Flavors
  • Expiry Date: 2 years of the manufacturing date

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Bliss Kiwi and Mint is a best selling and highly demanding mix flavored tobacco hookah flavor. It gives you a delicious and real taste of kiwis with a real kick of mint. The single pack carries 50g airtight flavor.

Each pack contains 0.5% nicotine and 0% tar. The ingredients used to make Bliss Kiwi shisha flavor is tobacco, molasses, glycerine and natural flavor.

We accept bulk orders also at wholesale cost. Special offers for Delhi, Mumbai and other state wholesalers, distributors and resellers.

Quick and secure delivery all over India.


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