Lucas Hookah – Radium Base Shisha

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  • Height: 22 inches
  • Radium base hookah
  • X Function technology
  • Russian designer shisha
  • Metallic charcoal plate
  • Strong radium glass base inbuilt (shines in the dark)
  • Fancy metallic stem
  • Down stem with diffuser
  • Silicone bowl and  HMD included
  • Silicone hose with metal handle
  • Offers very thick smoke
  • Bulk quantity available

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Lucas is a high selling model due to its radium base. The base of this hookah shines in the dark (but keep it in the sunshine for a more classy effect).

A lock system helps you to handle it properly.

Silicone bowl and heat management device included in the box.

Metal handle slim silicone pipe for dense smoke also added.

Bulk quantity available. For wholesale prices on bulk quantity contact us.


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