Space Smoke Nuts Rain Paste Hookah Flavor Tube – 30g

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  • 100% Original
  • Imported from Russia
  • Cream hookah flavors
  • Each pack carries 30g flavor in a tube
  • Provides real taste of intense nutty mix with rich notes of cocoa
  • Offers a tremendous smoking session
  • Used only on ceramic phunnel bowls
  • Paste can be used with tobacco flavor as well
  • Durable and impressive
  • One chillum running time is 2-2.5 hours (you can pause and restart again)
  • Easy to use and serve
  • Made up of natural minerals
  • Exclusively in India

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Space Smoke Nuts Rain paste aka cream hookah flavor is now exclusively available online in India. It offers an impressive taste of chocolate nut butter (intense nutty mix with rich notes of cocoa).

One of the key things to note is you can pause your session anytime and then restart again with the same bowl.

Each tube carries a 30g paste hookah flavor.

Must use these flavors only on ceramic phunnel bowls (highly recommended).


How to use it?

  • Shake the tube thoroughly
  • Pour 10g-15g of flavor directly into the phunnel bowl making sure there is a 2-3 mm gap at the top
  • Add foil or your chosen heat management device
  • Light up 4 charcoal pieces and place them on top
  • Allow 10-15 minutes for the flavors to heat up
  • Enjoy your smoke


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