Trimony Russian Tao Hookah – X Function Technology

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  • Russian design tao
  • Decent height hookah
  • X Function Technology
  • Long metal stem
  • Back smoke exhales from full stem
  • Elegant transparent glass base
  • Downstem with diffuser
  • Phunnel bowl with HMD (FREE)
  • Slim metal handle silicone pipe
  • Bulk orders accepted
  • Wholesale prices assured
  • Delivery all over India

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Why to grab this piece?

  • Base: Trimony Rusian design hookah’s base is totally transparent. You can add base colors as well in its base.
  • Stem: One of the key features of Trimony’s model is its X Function technology stem. There is no pressure valve in it because entire back smoke exhales from the stem.
  • Diffuser: For heavy and dense smoke, a pre-fitted diffuser is attached with its down stem.
  • Pipe/Hose: For easy and smooth smoke flow, Trimony hookah carries a fine quality silicone hose with a sleek metal handle (spring included).
  • Bowl: Premium any color phunnel bowl is given with it totally free of cost.
  • Kloud: An aluminum heat management system is also provided with this model.
  • Bulk/Wholesale: Interested ones can place wholesale orders as well. We offer special discounts on bulk volumes.


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